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This Election Year:

Jesus Christ



Series Begins October 13th

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We're bombarded by political ads at every turn. Every election is more divisive than the last. Everything we hear fills us with fear, uncertainty, insecurity, and impatience. Political parties stand for who and what they are against, filling us with anger and even hate.

But there is another way.

Jesus stands for what He is for: love, hope, grace, & forgiveness. Jesus doesn't say "choose me" but rather "I choose you". He loves you just the way you are, no strings attached. Jesus offers you a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment that no politician ever could.

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.

- Augustine


Join us at Next Level Church as we learn more about who Jesus is in this latest series beginning on October 13th. 


His stance



Jesus teaches forgiveness in the midst of mercilessness. Our nature might be to judge and keep records of wrongs, but Jesus says to forgive and forget. Although we turn from Him again and again, He overlooks our offenses and chooses to pardon us. He chooses to forgive the worst in us so that we might receive the best of Him.


Hope is more than just believing. Hope is expectation. Hope cannot be found in just anyone, but Jesus is not just anyone. In Jesus, we have hope for our families, our well-being, and our future because Jesus offers a hope that is beyond our earthly comprehension. We place our hope in Jesus because He has never let us down and never will.



In a world where hate seems so strong, Jesus offers a love that’s stronger. When the world says to hate those who oppose you, Jesus says to love your enemy. Jesus goes a step further by not just speaking of love, but by being the very incarnation of love. His greatest act of love was His decision to die for each and every one of us. He doesn’t just stand for love, He is love.


Grace cannot be earned, it is given freely through Jesus. Society encourages justice towards the corrupt and immoral, but Jesus offers grace towards the least deserving of it. While it may seem controversial, Jesus extends grace over justice. In our world, everything comes with a price. But Jesus made grace freely available to us through His death on the cross.


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